Ferrero365bet: ‘Pulvirenti should die’

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“He has to die, he should be expelled from football and society. How dare you do these things, and sully football?

“It makes me sick, disgusted. Don’t just throw away the key, he should die, he’s scum and shouldn’t escape any of this.”

Ferrero also gave his opinions of Lazio President Claudio Lotito, who has admitted to speaking with Pulvirenti, but

“He has to be struck off, some people disgust me, trying to smear the greatest thing in the world: football.

“It六合投注网站 makes me sick,” Ferrero told Radio 24.

Sampd澳门外围投注oria President Massimo Ferrero declares Antonino Pulvirenti ‘should die’ after match-fixing, and discussed Claudio Lotito.

“As they say, in Rome they have chocolate money – when you put it in your pocket it melts. I’m generous, because I come from poverty.”

“He’s a good person, but he talks too much, and he should mind his own business. He can’t recommend anything to anyone -线上足球投注 at most a place to buy fish at low prices.

It was revealed this week that Catania President Antonino Pulvirenti had , and the Blucerchiati patron adressed the scandal in his usual outspoken style.